Bridal Tutorial by Athina Diamantaki

All About The Bride Bridal Design by Athina Diamantaki

For an impressive bridal design dare to combine matte with shiny details. In the “All About The Bride” Bridal Design you will see a step by step French Design with nude shades.


Prepare the nail for your gel polish manicure and then apply a nude GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® N010 Frappelicious and cure.


We paint the French with a whiteGEL.IT.UP by GIUP® FFF White Years Aheadwith an angeland cure.


We apply the GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® Non Wipe Top Coat.


With GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® 3D Paste White we dothree fine lines in the same direction as the French design and before cure, sprinkle with GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® Stone Collection Glitter, and cure.


With GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® 3D Paste White we make two more lines between the previous onesand before curing we drop GEL.IT.UP by GIUP® Acrylic Powder Compete Clear, to give a matte effect and then cure.

Extra Tip

For a brighter and more impressive result, put small crystals on top of the French design for a more impressive finish!

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